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Board of Directors

Meet Kelechi Ogbuehi,

Chairwoman of the Board:

I am married to Chris Ogbuehi, and I have four wonderful children, CJ, Cedric, Christal, and Chelsea. I grew up in a family rich in spirituality, and that values giving back to the community. My philosophy is that you can never give too much away and that you will be rewarded abundantly.

The concept of Destiny Foundation, Inc., started in 2006 after I was diagnosed with breast cancer and found myself face-to-face with God for the first time. This resulted in my decision to dedicate my life to serving God through outreach by building homes for the less privileged in Nigeria.


My life came to a halt when I received the heartbreaking news that I had cancer “I’m sorry Kelechi, you have breast cancer,” the doctor said. I drew strength from my faith in God, unwavering support of my family and friends. My youngest daughter was five years old then. I wondered how much of her life I would be around to see. I could not possibly live in the moment as many thoughts were swirling in my head with life-altering decisions to make.

In 2014, as I was going through the normal ups and downs of life, usually, whenever I am faced with problems, I would talk to God about it in prayer. On this faithful day, I knelt and began to pray. In that prayer, I made a covenant with God that if I survive cancer, I would devote my life to giving back to the community by building houses for the destitute in Nigeria. I also asked God to bless my children with success. While I was still praying, I felt something strange, very difficult to explain. It was like a flash from above and I realized at that point that God has answered my prayers.

“Behind Every Great Woman, Is Another One”
When We Come Together And Support One Another, We All Rise!

The Destiny Foundation Board of Directors Team

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